By no means one of the industry’s biggest players, Yggdrasil is a boutique games developer that has been making a serious impact. They’re intentionally smaller than the industry leaders because they focus on creating the best online slot games. Their artisanal attention to detail means Yggdrasil slots regularly push the boundaries of what’s thought possible, consistently raising the bar for other developers in the industry.

Yggdrasil are relative latecomers to the online gaming world, though their management team draws on extensive experience from within the sector. Yet in recent years, they’ve developed a reputation as being the developer to beat in terms of game quality, with everything from the graphics to the gameplay and bonus features light years ahead of other slots games.

About Yggdrasil Casino & Slots Gaming

Yggdrasil was founded in 2013 by former employees of other rival software developers. They had spotted a gap in the market for games that were truly high quality. Through combining elements more closely associated with cinematic video games with an innovative slots engine, their creations have gone on to the stuff of industry marvel.

Yggdrasil has won industry award after award for their work in developing some great games. The standard is so high as to have become their flagship, along with doing things a little differently in terms of how their bonuses and other features typically work. It gives the company a distinctive flavour that has worked well in securing contracts with some of the world’s biggest online casinos.

Game Software

Yggdrasil games are first and foremost an impressive visual experience. Every last detail has been thought out and rendered in some of the best graphics you’ve ever seen in a slots game. In-game animations make the experience so much better than your standard online fruit machine slot, as well as creating so many more possibilities in terms of mini games and features.

While the games can take a little longer than others to load, they are very stable once they’re up and running – both in browser and on mobile devices. The software itself is always cleverly developed, and presents players with a pleasing combination of challenge and reward. With high payouts a hallmark, Yggdrasil slots are understandably popular with players.

Top Yggdrasil Slots Games

  • Jackpot Raiders
  • Champions of Rome
  • Vikings Go To Hell
  • Gem Rocks
  • Fruitoids

Bonus Features

Their games also benefit from multiple different bonus features which are far from your typical stuff. While free spins rounds and other common bonus types do feature, Yggdrasil are often a lot more adventurous than other developers when it comes to the type of stuff they put into their games. Expect new levels, worlds and modifiers to be popping up all the time as you play, with Yggdrasil games often amongst the busiest in terms of added bells and whistles.

At times it’s like they’re almost showing off how good they can be. Naturally, all these bonus features feed back into creating games with a high prize potential.


Yggdrasil have invested heavily in technology to keep their games as secure and stable as possible. Cutting edge encryption does most of the heavy lifting, meaning you can always rely on their game servers to be secure and consistent with the RTP. Yggdrasil games are regularly audited for randomness and consistently pass the muster of independent regulators. They’re a developer that has got this side of things locked down – in true Yggdrasil fashion, this is handled with competence and flair.


Yggdrasil might still be considered by some to be newcomers, but they are by no means playing catch-up. In reality, Yggdrasil still challenge the larger developers to be ambitious in their games, and demonstrate just how far it is possible to go within the slots genre. If you haven’t played many Yggdrasil slots you should make it a priority – they really are up there with the very best you’ve ever played.

Great games and incredible bonuses, if a slightly smaller selection than other developers – we’ve scored Yggdrasil 9 out of 10.