It is generally accepted that Gambling Online has been around since about 1994. It has since become an extremely popular pastime as is partly evidenced by the increasing number of new players and new sites being created.

Please remember that Gambling Online should only be for entertainment and having fun, although very occasionally, this is not always the case.

The great majority of players are sensible, act responsibly and will never become addicted to online gambling. It is however, recommended and preferable for all players to be aware of the danger signs leading to potential addiction before starting to gamble. Guidance can be found on most responsible websites that advertise and promote online gambling sites.    

Gambling addiction is known as a behavioural disorder which can best be treated using properly recommended therapies.  See the  N.H.S. funded National Gambling Helpline 0808 8020 133 run by GamCare. This provides excellent advice counselling and support for gamblers with potential problems. There are other support organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous who can provide added help through group therapy within the community.

Warning signs to be aware of:-

There are many signs that point to a potential gambling addiction. Whilst most of them will be obvious when pointed out, they are not so obvious until they have been pointed out. Generally, there aren’t any physical symptoms, although occasionally health problems such as angina can manifest themselves through the effects of stress and worry generated by gambling losses.                     

Always remember that if you experience any of the following symptoms please contact your doctor/health professional as noted above.


1) Attempting to recover losses by further gambling (chasing), which can lead to further losses. This can frequently lead to the deterioration of private and/or family life.         

2) Failing to stop or reduce gambling after many attempts.

3) Lying to yourself that you don’t have a problem when your common sense tells you that you do.

4) Borrowing money by lying to others about the purpose of the borrowing, and spending money meant for important household expenses.

5) Considering committing criminal acts to fund the gambling.

6) Allowing your job/ work to suffer through worry and stress.

7) Denying to friends and family that you have a problem when to them it is obvious that you do.

8) Selling personal belongings (assets) to finance your gambling.

9) Feeling anxious and/or depressed and resorting to opioid and alcohol abuse to alleviate the symptoms, thus creating additional problems.

10) When the need to gamble is such that you can’t concentrate on anything else.

11) Regular abuse of Time and Spend limits.

The above are just a few of the many symptoms of gambling addiction. Always remember that every person is different and may display symptoms in different ways.

How to overcome the problem?

Initially, please confide in and seek help from family and friends that you can trust. Their support can be so important in helping you fight the good fight.

You must attempt to replace your gambling activity with activities beneficial to both your physical and mental health.  

In the UK there is the NHS funded National Gambling Helpline 0808 8020 133 run by GamCare which provides excellent advice, counselling and support for gamblers with potential problems. Other support organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous can provide added help through group therapy within the community.

Treatment for gambling addiction will normally involve identifying and dealing with any underlying psychological causes that may be responsible for your problem. Treatments may be individually designed to your needs.

For New Gamblers.

To help make your gambling experience more enjoyable it is advisable to firstly identify those sites providing the games you prefer to play and ensure that they provide advice about identifying potential Gambling Addictions.

Read online casino reviews that include past player experiences of these games. They should also give you an insight into the legitimacy of the site, and if it is duly licensed and regulated by the licensing authority.                                                        

Most Important.

Before beginning, all players whether experienced or not, should set their personal criteria such as:-   

Time limits – allowing them to strictly control the amount of time you spend gambling.

Spend limits – allowing them to control the amount of money they are prepared to lose.

There are facilities on all sites allowing you to specify the amount of time and/or the amount of money you want to spend gambling, and warning you when those limits have been reached.     

Do Not Ignore The Rules Of The Game.

By fully understanding the rules of the game you are playing you are less likely to abuse your limits. Constant or regular abuse of your limits is a sure sign of a potential problem. Self-discipline and control of emotions are the essential ingredients for any gambler.