Mobile casinos have taken the industry by storm, with all the major casino brands shifting heavily into mobile in recent years. That’s primarily because of the way online browsing habits have changed, as people worldwide rely increasingly on the phone in their pocket than the laptop on their desk. We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions about mobile casinos and how they work, so you can get a better idea of what mobile casinos have to offer.

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What’s The Benefit of Mobile Casinos?

Mobile casinos are online casinos that have been built specifically with mobile gameplay in mind. That means you can play through an app or in your smartphone’s browser, without losing any functionality or gameplay. Casinos that are designed for desktop play in their first instance often end up offering a less enjoyable experience, simply because they don’t take into account the unique needs of mobile users. By contrast, mobile-first casinos don’t suffer from these drawbacks, which makes them the better choice for mobile players.

This also factors into the games, with some online casino titles not necessarily suited to mobile play. Many developers publish responsive or mobile-optimised games such as online blackjack, which are designed to be played on smartphones – these are the games you get access to when you play at the best mobile casinos.

Are Mobile Casinos Safe?

With mobile casinos operated by the big casino brands, you’re guaranteed a secure experience. That’s because the top mobile casinos use state-of-the-art security, encrypting game data and using secure servers to process transactions. Your card details never touch the casino in raw form, and are almost always handled by regulated third party payment companies (think banks and other institutions). And because the games and game servers are so secure, there’s next to no chance of any security risk when playing at a reputable mobile casino.

Of course, you never can be too careful in this day and age, and you’ll want to make sure you’re playing with a respected brand. But if you choose a major casino brand, you’ll be offered that additional layer of protection that is gambling regulation from the UK Gambling Commission. All in, that’s as safe as betting in a land-based casino resort, with all the safeguards you need for peace of mind.

What Is A Mobile Casino App?

When people think of mobile casinos, they perhaps think of heading onto their smartphone, firing up their browser of choice and heading to their favourite casino site. But there is another way.

UK Mobile Casino operators are now making it easier than ever before to play on your mobile, with the help of mobile casino apps. Short for applications, these can be downloaded onto your device from your app store, allowing you to access your mobile casino with just a few taps – any time of the day or night. An example of this is how easy it is to play online roulette games from your mobile device using landscape mode.

The apps available are becoming increasingly sophisticated, offering a fun, simple way to bet from the palm of your hand. If you’re a regular mobile casino player, or you’ve chosen your casino of choice, downloading the app can be a real time saver, as well as offering a more enjoyable gaming session.

How Big Is The Selection of Mobile Casino Games?

One thing players often highlight as a concern about UK mobile casinos is restrictions on the games they can play. This is true to some extent – not all online casino games are a good fit for mobile casinos, and you will sometimes find a slimmed down selection of games available on the mobile version of any casino site. However, there are basically no limits, and if there’s a specific online slot game you’re looking for, the chances are high you’ll be able to find a mobile equivalent sitting waiting for a spin.

Game developers now work almost exclusively with mobile in mind, and any games they do develop are fully responsive to work in any browser on any device. So while the overall selection at a given casino may be lower for mobile casinos, this won’t be a limitation for most players.

What is an Android Mobile Casino?

If you have any phone other than an iPhone, chances are you’re running an operating system called Android. This is Google’s open platform for smartphone devices, designed to give handset manufacturers access to a standardised operating system for their users – similar to the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows for laptops and computers. Android supports apps, which you can download from the Play Store directly through your device. But Android devices only support apps that are designed for the Android platform – apps that are developer for Apple devices will not work on Android devices.

An Android mobile casino is an app that has been developed for Android, rather than for iOS or other platforms. While the gameplay and interface will likely turn out to be almost identical to other apps available from the same casino, you must make sure there’s an Android-specific app available if you want to download and play from your phone in the most convenient way.

What is an IOS Mobile Casino?

Like Android, iOS is an operating system for Apple’s smart devices. It’s exclusive to and developed by Apple, so you’ll only find this on iPhones and iPads. Mobile apps are often made available by UK mobile casinos in two separate versions – one for Android and one for iOS. If you want to play on your Apple device, you’ll need the iOS version installed and open to get going.

It’s worth pointing out that some casinos choose to offer only Apple or Android versions, which can be limiting for some players. For the most part, this is an issue that seems to affect Android users more, but it’s always worth checking whether your casino offers an Apple compatible iOS mobile casino app before signing up if you’re hoping to play on your phone.

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