The best online casino games are:

1) Crazy Time – Without question, the number one best online casino game is Crazy Time created by Evolution Gaming. With 4 amazing bonus rounds (Coinflip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt and the Crazy Time Money Wheel, Crazy Time keeps you on the edge of your seat. On average you will hit a bonus round one in every 6 spins and there is also the potential to win huge multipliers, some even as high as 16,000 times your bet. The blend of bright colours, the friendly and entertaining live dealers and the possibility for massive wins makes this the best online casino game ever created.

a game of crazy time

2) Monopoly Live – The second best online casino game is Monopoly Live – also created by Evolution Gaming. It is a big money wheel game similar to Crazy time with 3 exciting bonus rounds – 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls and Chance. The 4 Rolls bonus is the best bonus and the win potential is generous, especially if you can hit doubles during the dice rolls. The bonus opens a virtual Monopoly board, 2 dice are rolled and you land on properites with various multipliers.

a game of monopoly live

3) Online Roulette – This is the third best online casino game. The reason why it is one of the top games is because it is so simple to play. The rules are easy to learn and it requires no skill. A beginner or experienced player both have the same chance of winning and this means anyone can play and enjoy the thrill of playing online roulette. The object of the game is to guess what number or section of the wheel the roulette ball will land in and this is done by placing casino chips on the virtual roulette table. It is possible to win large sums of money. A single number win pays-out 35 times the bet amount, therefore if £1 is placed on a winning number, the player will win £35 plus their original £1 bet (£36 in total). The simplicity and win potential combined with the exitement, make it one of the top online casino games.

a game of online roulette

4) Megaways Slots – Innovation is prevalent in all areas of casino business, however, over the last few years Megaways Slots have taken the casino industry by storm and become the most popular form of online slots. They have transformed the way slots function by generating a random number of win-lines during each spin, totaling 117,649 different ways of winning instead of the standard 5 reel win-line slots. As you might exepect the wins can be huge. With all the classic slots such as Ted, Genie Jackpots and White Rabbit having a Megaways version it only makes sense to play megaways slots from now on and this is the reason why they are in position four as the best online casino games you can play at this moment in time.

a selection of megaways slots

5) Online Blackjack – In at position five, online blackjack has to be in one of the top positions. A table game classic, blackjack is one of the best casino games you have a chance of winning at because of the lower house edge and strategies you can use to reduce the house edge even further. Skill can be used to help improve your chance of winning through using basic strategy and card counting.

a game of online blackjack

In conclusion the best casino games are:

  1. Crazy Time
  2. Monopoly Live
  3. Online Roulette
  4. Megaways Slots
  5. Online Blackjack

There are many more exciting casino games available to play including Video Poker, Craps, Dragon Tiger and Pai Gow to name a few, however, our list of the best games should be a good starter for you to play and enjoy.