Woonsters Review
Provider Novomatic
RTP 95.00%
Reels 8
Variance High

This slot is the brainchild of the developers at Greentube, a division of gaming giant Novomatic. Famous for their slots work over many years, this experience comes to the fore in Woonsters, through the combination of simple gameplay, the availability of strong prizes and the impressive bonus features available to lucky players during their spinning session.

The reels are designed in a spooky fashion, something that certainly wouldn’t look out of place around Halloween. By contrast, the main reel action looks very similar to your typical fruit machine, combining symbols like lemons, cherries and strawberries with lucky number 7s and other classic fruity symbols. They are set across three reels, which confirms the sense that you’re playing a fruit machine, just like the ones you’d find in arcades and pubs across the world.

Unlike most physical machines, there are a higher number of paylines on offer in this slot – no fewer than 8, to be precise. These paylines are directions across the reels on which combinations of three or more matching symbols can be found. Three of a kind on adjacent reel positions will pay out a winner, depending on the value of the symbol and the size of your per spin bet. The highest paying symbols are the matched 7s, with the fruits and unmatched 7s coming in at the foot of the paytable.

The size of your bet is up to you, with a range that runs from just £0.40 per spin. The maximum bet is £2.00 per spin, which certainly isn’t as much as other slots. However, for many players, this will still be a workable limit, and it simply means you get more spins for your money, even if the stakes are comparatively lower on each individual spin. The maximum jackpot available comes in at 500x, so there’s still some solid money to be won here.

The RTP, or return to player percentage, is the best way to compare different slots to size up the offer. In the case of Woonsters, it comes in at 95.00% – bang on the average for high paying slots. This is way higher than many slots games, and certainly a lot stronger than most physical slot machines, leaving you with better odds across the duration of your spinning session.

Feature Symbols

The keys symbols have an important role to play in unlocking the upper portion of the game. This brings into line the full 8 paylines, and each key you find is equal to one free spins. In effect, this performs the function of a free spins bonus round, giving you the chance to build up your bankroll without downside risk. The upper game is also where you can trigger the main bonus round.

The main bonus feature is triggered when you land three of the Woonster symbols on the reels. Given the other symbols in play, you will instantly recognise these when they appear on the board. You need to line up three of them in combination, with a fourth Woonster available for those betting with the full 5 coins max bet.

Bonuses & Jackpots

Three Woonsters or more triggers the main bonus feature, which is any one of several different possible bonus rounds. Soplavelas delivers a pick-me round, with 6 candles to choose from to reveal instant prizes. There are also skill elements which can bump up your prize winnings, as well as random prize awards. Cerebrino is a stop bonus round, requiring precision timing – time it right to get the biggest possible prize. Likewise Perola, which instead of a track, involves stopping a column of bubbles to reveal a potential win.Tovendao is another pick-me bonus, this time with sarcophagi, while the Mystery Bone delivers an instant random prize. And of course, Spiry the ghost, which delivers 3 added extra paylines.

Play Woonsters Slot

Woonsters is a somewhat unusual combination of fruit machine and video slot, bringing together appealing elements from both. With an impactful prize jackpot on the line, plus a plethora of bonuses delivered by the Woonsters themselves, there are plenty of reasons to take this for a spin for yourself.

Try it out now and see if you can woo the Woonsters – it’s available right here at the best online slot sites.