Hoard of Poseidon

Hoard of Poseidon Review
Hoard of Poseidon
Provider Red Tiger Gaming
RTP 95.72%
Reels 5
Variance High
hoard of poseidon slot

The ultimate aim is to land the special Wild symbols of the game. If you manage to get the perfect spin and all three Wilds become in view, a series of exciting events take place. First, Poseidon uses his trident to clone Chest Wilds before Kraken swarming these chest symbols with his tentacles to hold them in place for the subsequent spin. Next, Poseidon uses his monster to chase away Kraken who leaves a trail of valuable Ink Wilds in his path with huge rewards up for grabs.

Red Tiger Gaming has relied on a classic theme to excite gamers with this slot, and they have succeeded. They execute the mythical Olympian God theme with crisp visuals, a solid narrative and soothing music.

hoard of poseidon slot win

Hoard of Poseidon Feature Symbols

hoard of poseidon feature symbols

Like most slot games, despite what these the game draws on, Hoard of Poseidon also includes playing card symbols. And just like other slots, these are the lowest value symbols, while the more unique and theme-related symbols are worth bigger win when combined in one of up to 30 of the game’s paylines. It might not be one of the developer’s famous Megaways slot games like Piggy Riches Megaways or Golden Leprechaun Megaways, but it still offers a lot of excitement!

The other symbols of this slot game enhance the underwater theme well, namely a shell bottle, book of Kraken, ship in a bottle and a gold ring with a central ruby (lost treasure of the sea!). All of these are more valuable than the aforementioned playing card symbols, but the highest value symbols, i.e. the feature symbols, are the Ink, Chest, Poseidon or Kraken Wilds. More information on what these high-value symbols can unlock is found below.

Bonuses and Jackpots

hoard of poseidon super win

The three wild symbols are at the heart of the game and will be needed to take your slot experience to the next level on Hoard of Poseidon. They work as regular wilds and substitute for other paying symbols – but these do more than that.

But there are some rules to how these wilds will land in view:

·   The Poseidon Wild only lands on the final reel, and only one will ever land at one time. This wild is also a 1×2 symbol while the others are not.

·   The Kraken Wild only lands on the fourth reel

·   The Chest Wild lands on any of the first three reels and multiple can become in view from a single spin.

So, what does all this mean in the depths of the ocean? Well, if two Chest Wilds come into play with a Poseidon or Kraken symbol also in view, your winning potential shoots up. Interestingly, if the last two wilds come into view a sea monster is unleashed by Poseidon which then clones random chest Wilds.

If players land Chest Wilds and the Kraken Wild (but not the Poseidon Wild) then Kraken will release its tentacles to wrap around the Chest Wilds and hold them in place for an additional spin, ultimately increasing your chances of a win.

If Poseidon and Kraken both come into view from the same spin, all hell breaks loose with Poseidon releasing his sea monsters onto Kraken who then escapes. But this is good news for players as during the commotion a trail of Ink Wilds are left in the chase’s wake. These Ink Wilds make it possible for even bigger wins.

If all Wild symbols come into view from one spin, they will activate in a set order:

1: Poseidon and Chest

2: Kraken and Chest

3: Poseidon and Kraken

Play Hoard of Poseidon Slot

The Hoard of Poseidon slot game may not be out until October 2020, but once it has been released like you can expect gamers to swarm to this underwater video slot just like the Kraken’s tentacles swarm around those Chest Wilds. The game is made with HTML5 and will be available for play on iOS and Android devices as well as on desktop.