Famous Roulette Cheats

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Roulette is the most played casino game in history. Its alluring nature has made it the centerpiece of the big screen across Hollywood and the world over. Visit any brick-and-mortar casino or one of the many online casinos and you’ll find the tables packed with thrill-hungry bettors. Despite its dramatic effects coupled with lucrative odds, striking it lucky on the classic table requires more than just good fortune. Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a few exceptions to this rule. Before we delve into the core of this article, note that cheating is considered to be illegal in most casino jurisdictions. With that being said, let’s explore some of the famous roulette cheats and legendary methods of swindling the house.

Garcia Pelayo (The Most Famous Roulette Cheat)

Biased Wheel

One way to stay ahead of the game is to take control of the wheel. While this is far from being child’s play, several bettors have managed to hit the jackpot. A biased wheel may be a result of mechanical defects from the manufacturer’s side, which result in repeat patterns. If you’re feeling a bit lucky, you might just come across something that favors a series of digits frequently. Closely monitor the wheel with each play and record the numbers for future use. Slightly more common is the wear and tear effects of the wheel over time. To give you a better understanding of the Biased Wheel cheating method, look out for the following marks on the machine:

  • Pocket frazzle 
  • Defective ball track
  • Shaky wheel shafts
  • Unequal pocket sizes
  • Deformed balls
  • Grooves paired with physical damages

Whether biased wheels are a thing of the past or remain relevant ultimately depends on the casino of choice. Top-rated institutions have tightened their belts to avoid falling victim to roulette cheats. Nonetheless, biased wheels are not just a borderline myth, as no wheel is truly unbiased. If you look close enough, you might just land a financial killing. 

Alternatively, some bettors are known to temper with the roulette wheel. As you’d expect, roulette tables are often heavily guarded so chances of a biased wheel are low. For this reason, skilled bounty hunters can manually fix the wheel in their favor. This practice requires a collaboration with a croupier who’ll also get a share of the proceeds. Wheel tempering is risky as any slight deviations are easily captured by the security system. However, as crazy as it sounds, a few bettors have pulled it off at land based or online roulette.

Richard Marcus

Past Posting 

Have you ever succumbed to a losing streak and considered what if you could place a bet after the ball has landed on the wheel?  So have several other bettors. Hence, the past posting cheat method. The practice of past posting involves placing your chips onto the winning number after the ‘No more bet’ announcement has been made. This method was more prevalent during the 19th century up until the 20th century when more casinos started adopting the dolly. If you’re new to the industry, a dolly is a piece of fiberglass that is put on top of the winning number to prevent this practice.

This is not to say the practice of past posting is inapplicable in modern-day gambling. On the contrary, late betting is still widely used, with masters like Richard Marcus boasting such tricks and skills, making him one one the most famous roulette cheats. In today’s technologically advanced society, the best way to capitalize on past posting is to work as a team. Pair up with a croupier and add extra money to an already successful bet. 

Closely related to past posting is top hatting. Similar to the prior, the strategy involves both the bettor and the croupier. To pull it off, the croupier places chips on the winning number, after drawing the results.  Experience dealers often place a few chips at one go to avoid suspicion. Striking large sums attracts attention from the manager, thus necessary investigations. Whatever method you choose, stay alert of the hi-tech surveillance cameras which pose a serious threat. Consequences of past posting include legal action. If you’re lucky, you might face a lighter sentence and be permanently banned from the institution.

Ball Tipping 

As alluded to earlier, croupiers are always on the lookout for winning opportunities. While some may resist the bait, a select few have been known to yield to temptation. Hence, the emergence of cheat methods like ball tipping. The croupier drills a tiny hole on the ball and inserts a controlling pin. During the match, the dealer pulls a level under the table which drives the pin towards the spring onto the track.  Upon coming into contact with the pin, the ball bounces off the track, in favor of the desired results. Of all methods of ripping off casinos, ball tipping is the riskiest, as both parties may face severe legal charges. Croupiers are not the only people known to temper with the roulette ball. Although it only happens once in a lifetime, manufacturers sometimes pad the ball to influence the outcome of the match. 

Electronic devices 

With the level of technological advancement in modern-day casinos, it would be shocking if online crooks didn’t develop ways to loosen the machine bolts. Roulette computers are prevalent in the industry. Whether or not these machines work is subject to debate. Some believe roulette computers don’t work in a real-life setting while others swear by it. To help make an informed decision, we’ve taken some time to break down how the roulette computer works. Keep in mind that it remains illegal in most jurisdictions.

  • The tracker registers information about the wheel, including its speed and relative position.
  • The calculator feeds off information recorded by the tracker and makes predictions on the winning results.
  • The earpiece then transmits results to the bettor.


Gambling is a risky enough adventure without adding the legal threats that come with scamming a casino. So, think twice before attempting to cheat. However, if you’re as brave as these famous roulette cheats like Richard Marcus and Pierre Dugal, you might just pull it off. From the inception of the sport, bounty hunters have taken great strides in efforts to strike it lucky on Roulette. As such you’ll find multiple cheat options like ball tipping, biased wheel, past posting, and more. Taking everything into account, it appears like the trend is far from over. The fight between online sharks and lucrative gambling machines continues…