Before signing up to any online casino, it’s important to understand your options for depositing and withdrawing to your casino account. There is nothing worse than signing up for a casino because you like the look of a bonus offer, only to find that it doesn’t support your preferred payment methods. Often overlooked in the rush to enjoy everything a casino has to offer, practicalities like payments are issues that don’t go away – you need to go into the decision with open eyes, in full knowledge of the payment methods supported by your casino of choice.

Neteller is one of the most famous and well supported of the common casino payment methods. A stalwart of the gaming industry, Neteller is available across the board, with casinos often preferring e-wallet style payment methods for cost and convenience. But from a player standpoint, how does Neteller stack up for depositing and withdrawing from your account?

About Neteller

Neteller is an e-wallet service, in many ways similar to the likes of PayPal and Skrill. You sign up for an account with Neteller which provides you with a virtual wallet, into which you can deposit and receive funds. This is linked to your bank account and/or payment card, so you can move your money easily in both directions. Payments to and from Neteller are usually instant or as close to instant as possible, and after processing time, most casinos are quick to pay out to Neteller users.

The service is easy to use, cheap in comparison to some other payment methods, and flexible enough to allow you to play across a number of different casinos and online gambling operators. With almost universal support for Neteller as a payment option, it is one of the most flexible choices for giving you access to the widest possible range of casinos.

What is a Neteller Casino?

A Neteller casino is one that is set up to receive and send payments to Neteller accounts. In many cases, both casinos and players prefer the involvement of a third-party payment service like Neteller. This removes the burden of handling payments from the casino or its partners, and onboards the expertise, security and clout of one of the world’s leading iGaming payment brands. Neteller casinos are in no way different from other casinos as a class, other than allowing Neteller as an option for deposits and withdrawals.When looking for a Neteller casino, always make sure to check the deposit and withdrawal time frames – these should be short, factoring in an inevitable period of processing time. This takes account of the speed of use for Neteller compared to other payment methods.

Advantages of Neteller Casinos

– Instant deposits and withdrawals: Neteller deposits and withdrawals are often instant, taking just a matter of moments to complete once processing time is out the way. While processing happens at the casino end, once they release payment to Neteller it should show in your account immediately.

– Security:
the security of Neteller is a big positive feature, and one of the main reasons so many people choose to rely on it. 128-bit encryption means your financial information is totally secured, and never even shared with the casino operator. With advanced anti-fraud measures built in, Neteller safeguards your casino payments.

– Deposit bonuses: Neteller deposits are commonly incentivised with bonuses and extra deals. Casinos want to encourage you to play through Neteller and often make it worth your while to do so – you may even find many bonuses are only available to players depositing through Neteller and similar payment methods.

– Flexibility:
Neteller is widely accepted, and can be used equally on deposits and withdrawals with the same flexibility. With Neteller, you’ll find you only have to sign up once to be able to play across a huge range of casinos, or to spend across a wide range of sites.

Disadvantages of Neteller Casinos

– Requires a Neteller account: Of course, before you can use Neteller, you need to set up an account. This is a disadvantage over other payment methods like debit cards, or phone payments for example, where no account is needed.

– Not unviersally supported:
Not every casino supports Neteller, though most of them do. If Neteller is the only payment method open to you, you might find yourself still unable to play at some casinos.

– Less common outside iGaming: Neteller isn’t universally supported beyond iGaming either, so you may find that you only use your Neteller account for casino deposits and withdrawals.

Why you should play at Neteller Casino

One of the main things Neteller brings to the table is convenience. It’s easy to open and use your Neteller account, and it’s certainly convenient to know your finances are completely safe when you’re playing at an online casino.

With widespread support for Neteller payments, and even bonuses for depositing through Neteller as your e-wallet of choice, there’s plenty of reason to play at Neteller casinos.