One of the most important practical elements of choosing any casino site is the payment and banking methods available. Most players take for granted that they will be able to move money conveniently and quickly from their bank account to their casino account and vice versa. But in reality, operators do very much differ in the payment methods they support, and the flexibility of banking through their sites.

Skrill is one of the leading payment options casino players look for when choosing where to sign up. It’s widely catered to by operators across the UK and the wider world, and regarded as one of the safest ways to transact with an online casino account.

About Skrill

Once upon a time, Skrill was known as Moneybookers. It rose to prominence as one of the earliest online e-wallet style payment solutions, providing users with an external account to which they could move and store funds prior to depositing into their casino account, or otherwise spending online. Skrill is secure by default, thanks to state of the art encryption and security measures, and of course, just being a third-party service limits your exposure to losses from hacks and thefts.

As a service, Skrill is easy and quick to use, and comes in cheaper than many alternatives. With the added trust factor that comes with being a respected brand in the industry, Skrill is unsurprisingly the payment method of choice for many players.

What is a Skrill Casino?

A Skrill casino is a casino or online gambling site that allows you to deposit and withdraw to a Skrill account. Skrill is amongst the most widely supported payment methods in the industry because operators know that players prefer the ease and flexibility of Skrill payments. While it’s not the case that every casino offers Skrill, you will find that the vast majority do.

In some cases, bonuses are available to players depositing by Skrill or similar e-wallet style payment methods. Casinos often want to inventise Skrill due to the low cost for payments on the operator side, as well as the high trust players have in the Skrill brand and reputation.

Advantages of Skrill Casinos

  • Security: no need to share your bank details with the casino when Skrill is involved. This provides a layer of distance between your casino account and your personal finances which is essential for securing your money.
  • Ease of use: Skrill couldn’t be simpler, and in many respects is actually less hassle than equivalents like PayPal. Quick and easy to set up and use in practice.
  • Flexibility: Skrill can be used across a huge range of different online casinos and operators, so you’ve got a lot of choice once your account has been opened up and set up with your bank details.
  • Linked to your bank account: Being linked to your bank account means you don’t need to input your card details every five minutes – just remember your Skrill credentials and you’ll be good to go. At the same time, it still provides a level of security to your banking that impresses.

Disadvantages of Skrill Casinos

  • Third party service: Skrill is a third-party service, so whatever happens, you do have to sign-up and use Skrill as an independent platform. This is not the case with other payment methods, such as debit card or paysafecard, where you don’t need to fuss about getting set up.
  • Not all casinos support Skrill: Skrill is widely supported, but this is not universal. Some casinos won’t accept deposits or withdrawals to Skrill, so you may be limited if Skrill is your only option for payments.
  • Requires a Skrill account: A Skrill account is essential if you want to use Skrill to do your banking. This means signing up for an account, agreeing to terms and conditions and remembering your login credentials – issues that don’t arise with some other types of payment method.

Why Should You Play at Skrill Casinos?

Skrill is up there with the most trusted payment brands in the world. An e-wallet that primarily targets and focuses on the iGaming sector, it’s the perfect companion for players looking for a secure, easy and cheap way to manage their money when playing at online casinos.

Ideal for controlling spending and safeguarding your money, it’s a secure, safe way to do your casino banking. With wide support across the industry, it’s pretty much the only option you’d ever need to get by at most online casinos.