Why are Las Vegas Casinos kept at Room Temperature?

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The longer you play, the more money you spend – it’s as simple as that. However, casinos go above and beyond to keep their players focused on the game and forget about the outside world. To do so, gambling venues use several psychological tactics such as using pheremones and another is keeping the temperature at a certain level. Specially designed A/C units and competent staff want enough oxygen inside, keeping you alert, awake, and up to a point – high. 

While temperature control is used to keep your senses awake, other tricks are there to create a kind of tunnel vision and a winning atmosphere. Everything about casinos, especially the little things average players wouldn’t notice, is there to make you feel relaxed and satisfied. The happier the guest, the more will he play, and the more will the casino profit. Once you enter a casino, you are walking into a land where time doesn’t exist, keeping you entranced and slightly disoriented. There are no unwanted distractions – only endless fun, tons of alcohol, and flashing lights. The cards are stacked against you, as casinos are designed to always win in the long run.

Limit the Senses

When it comes to the temperatures kept in the most prominent casinos, their values vary a bit. While MGM Grands likes to keep it at 65 degrees, the Golden Nugget and Gold Coast go for 68 degrees. When asked, the casino management claims they only want to make their customers feel comfortable. Sweating makes people nervous, and feeling chilly certainly doesn’t make anyone stay put. In addition, luxurious casinos in Sin City usually demand black-tie attire, and sweating too much is not an option. Of course, casinos are notorious for being secretive about their business policies, mainly because of the high competition in the gambling market. The mysteriousness of these places is what makes them even more attractive, and we all know that forbidden fruit tastes way sweeter.

The other tactic used by casinos to keep their players gambling without a break is the lack of clocks. The theory behind this is that people would lose track of time much easier, staying in for more extended periods of time. On the other hand, we all have watches on our wrists and mobile phones in our pockets, so this tactic doesn’t always work. Consequently, casinos avoid windows, or if they do have them, they are opaque. Not knowing you have been gambling from dusk till dawn makes you stay in the house for a longer time, and owners certainly don’t want you to leave the premises. When asked about the lack of windows, the excuse is they just want to avoid glare off and reflections of cards and machine slots. Though there might be some truth in this, it’s not the main reason there are no outside windows.

Go big or go home

The world’s most popular casinos make players feel like they are in a resort. The last thing the owners want their players to do is to leave, so they equip the premises with shopping stores, diners, pools, clothing stores. Alongside commonly used public places, like restrooms or hallways, the casino owners invest big bucks to create cleverly designed complexes offering nothing but indulgence, not to mention the always-smiling slot attendants and the rivers of free drinks. The drinks are there to lower your inhibitions and forget about all the money you lose. The alcohol percentage is high, and the room temperature kept in the gambling rooms prevents ice in your fine glass from melting. Amazingly, your basic needs, such as sleeping, will be significantly lessened. Highly caffeinated drinks take care of that.

The right temperature, combined with the flashing beams, lightens up players’ moods. The elevated noise levels add to the excitement, and promoting the big winners is another way to attract more and more gamblers. However, no tactic could be as successful if it weren’t for meticulously planned room temperatures that make gamblers forget about the time of the day or even the current season. Summer or winter, it’s all the same when you are waiting for the jackpot of your life. Once you finally go outside and go back to the harsh reality, the casino’s pockets are already full of your cash. 

Do not go astray

The layout of the casinos is another aspect carefully designed to keep players gambling for extended periods of time. Bumping into slot machines everywhere you go is not a coincidence. Owners sweeten the pot, hoping that one of the flashing machines will grab your attention. Just like supermarkets, where all the items are placed in the right place to catch your attention, and you end up buying things you never needed in the first place. Casinos use a similar approach. In no time, you’ll get lost in the maze of wild fun, losing track of time and emptying your pockets. If you happen to be in a casino during weekends, there are statistically more wins due to the increased number of players. However, chances of getting out before it’s too late significantly decrease. 

Surrounded by extra polite and cordial staff, who keep offering free drinks, combined with the breath of fresh air coming out, the A/C units are sure to allure you. Enticing waitresses with broad smiles and beautiful faces look like angels, repeatedly reminding you that you are at the right place at the right time. Nothing feels wrong in the all-around buildings designed for your pleasure and fun. All of the ominous signs reprimanding you for staying too long or spending too much have been eliminated. All you have to do is dress in your best suit, bring your wallet and enjoy as the sinful piece of heaven opens its doors, wishing you a warm welcome.