What Is the Largest Casino in the World?

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Be it online or land-based enterprises, casinos are known for their flamboyance and affinity for wowing bettors and the world in general.  Since the 17th century, betting houses have evolved from a few tables led by experienced dealers to luxurious resorts and dream destinations for many. Impressively, even with the change to the virtual space, the allure of grandiose themes and rewards is not lost in translation. Rather, they extend the excitement across all four corners of the earth. Contrary to popular belief, the largest casinos in the world are not anywhere near Sin City. Instead, they exert influence in both the American and Asian markets. Let’s take a closer look at the largest casinos making great strides in today’s gambling community.

WinStar World Casino

Surprisingly, the world’s biggest casino started off as a bingo hall. It was only in 2003 that WinStar adopted the concept of modern-day gaming. Within a short space of time, the casino had grown to cover electronic tables and slots double the size of standard enterprises. At present, the casino spreads across 600,000 square feet, stacked with approximately 7,000 slots and over 100 tables. Recently, WinStar installed a brand-new stacks room, thus further cementing its position as the largest casino in the world. 

The original bingo hall was not completely phased off but modernized to cater to 900 conventional punters at one go. Typical of every large casino, WinStar runs a top-tier restaurant. So, you can take some soak in the adrenaline-packed experience and cool off before your next spin. What’s more, you don’t have to journey all the way to Oklahoma for the grand experience. The online version of the casino is just a few clicks away. The word on the street is that WinStar is looking to set up another expansion and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Venetian Macau

venetian macau

Known as the gambling capital of the world, it would be astonishing if one of the largest casinos was not located in Macau. The luxuriant design of The Venetian Macau is inspired by eye-welcoming views of Las Vegas. Both institutions mirror the magnificent architecture of Venice. Holding the title of the 2nd largest casino, The Venetian Macau spreads across 546,000 square feet. The casino specializes in tables, hence holds a top spot in this regard with over 870 tables.

Slots are not skimped. Adrenaline junkies can bask in more than 3,000 slot machines on site. Notable game titles include the Baccarat series and Dragon Tiger. Moreover, its innovative nature shines through state-of-art technologies like face recognition. The Venetian Macau does not only boast a grand casino but is the first integrated resort in the famous city of Macao, China.  If you’re looking to visit the resort, then you’re up for some good time at the casino’s mall and 5-star restaurants.

MGM Cotai

Holding the 3rd spot on the list is a fairly new casino that emerged sometime in 2018. MGM Cotai is also located in Macau and takes up about 500,000 square feet. The casino’s architecture resembles a stack of treasure sets. From a glance, the masterpiece is quite impressive. The casino rallies over 500 table games and 1,500 slot titles. Popular gaming titles include traditional games like Sic Bo and Pai Gow. Admittedly, this is far less than what you’d expect at a prestigious site. However, keep in mind that the casino is fairly new, thus expansion is still underway. MGM Cotai was designed to provide a luxury experience to the average gambler. As such, you’ll find most things at the casino well within your budget. 

City of Dreams

city of dreams

Another Macau masterpiece is the City of Dreams. Having taken a foothold into the gambling industry in 2009, the dreamy casino boasts an impeccable reputation as one of the largest casinos to grace the industry. City of Dreams covers 420,000 square feet. The casino hosts a little more than 500 table games and approximately 1,500 slot tiles. Its notable contributions in the gaming sector are a mix of modern games and traditional titles, thus presenting a well-balanced lobby. City of Dreams is located across its biggest competitor, The Vatican Macau. This explains its continuously innovative nature and the need to keep abreast of the latest trends. When it comes down to fine dining, the casino proves to be every gambler’s dream. Not only will you find top-tier restaurants but there are about 20 bars to complement your experience. 


A review of the largest casinos in the world would be incomplete without taking into account online casinos. Taking a leading position in the online gaming sector is Videoslots. The online masterpiece hosts a series of games that strongly contend with land-based establishments. Having passed the 4,000-game mark a while back, Videoslots now sits at approximately 4,400 online slots. This makes it the 2nd largest online casino in the world. 

Videoslots defies the brick-and-mortar norms that emphasize luxury over gaming. The casino has a simplistic and playful design which allows punters to focus on gaming. Be it you’re a high roller or on a budget punter, Videoslots does not discriminate and offers its VIP membership based on loyalty. All in all, online casinos are giving brick-and-mortar sites a run for their money. Casinos like BitStarz (2,700+ games), Casumo (2,600+ games), and William Hill (2,600+ games) have long surpassed some of the largest brick and mortar casinos. The rest are not far behind.


Gambling has been an exciting pastime for people around the world since a few hundred years ago. Over time, casinos have developed games and experiences that rake in billions of dollars every year. The largest casinos in the world tie in together numerous gaming options, huge structures, and luxurious entertainment experiences. While online casinos only loosely resemble this pattern, a few have broken out to claim a spot among the largest casinos in the world. In fact, if we solely consider size based on the game lobby, online casinos would topple some leading land-based structures. Taking everything into account, the WinStar World Casino still remains the largest casino in the world.