Review of Lightning Box Games

The casino games development sector got a shot in the arm in the early 2000s, when software that was previously restricted to physical machines made the leap into the then-emerging online space. For the first time, online casinos were springing up in the virtual world, creating a demand for slots and other casino games software. It was then that Lightning Box Games was born.

Lightning Box began life in 2004, at what was then the dawn of online casinos. Today, they stand firmly established as a key player within the industry, contributing games to some of the world’s leading online casinos. With a reputation for great gameplay and some interesting gaming features, Lightning Box Games definitely does enough to stand out from the crowd.

About Lightning Box Games

Lightning Box Games was founded and is based in Sydney, Australia. Their mission then, as it is now, was to build games on the principles of “great math, striking graphics, cinematic audio and just a touch of magic” – the perfect foundation for great slots games. They’ve realised this vision throughout their game catalogue with some impressive titles on offer, whether you’re a first timer or a more experienced slots fan.

Lightning Box Games was founded by mathematicians, which is always an interesting angle for slots developers. While some approach from the artwork or game design sides, Lightning Box primarily specialises in the maths behind the games – critical to ensuring a good playing experience, while also developing profitable games. As well as publishing their own titles, Lightning Box Games has also worked with developers IGT and Aristocrat to develop proprietary game maths and algorithms.

But certainly don’t let that put you off. While the maths engine is as solid as they come throughout the collection, there are also some incredible graphics and exciting gameplay features thrown in to make their games as fun as possible to play.

Top 3 Lightning Box Slots

Golden Yak: ‘Hit the Yak-pot’ with this unusual yak-themed slot. Not your typical animal slot, Golden Yak nevertheless packs a lot of features into a compact package. Good graphics, nice multipliers and other bonus features combine to make this a standout game in their catalogue.

Jackaroo Jack: Wild respins are the order of the day in Jackaroo Jack. Land a wild without a win? No worries, mate. Simply respin again for free immediately after, to see if you can still walk away a winner. This Aussie outback themed slot perhaps pays homage to Lightning Box Games’ roots in Australia, but it’s certainly one of their more memorable titles.

Astro Pug: Imagine a cross between a pug and an astronaut. Unlikely, unless you’re playing Astro Pug from Lightning Box Games. A must for pug lovers, this game packs up to 4x multipliers into a 16 reel package. It’s fun and a bit crazy, but it combines with some good jackpot potential to deliver a game that wins over most if not all first time players into loyal fans.

Lightning Box Games Pros

  • Solid game mathematics: good RTP, variance and game structures
  • Stunning visuals and audio: game design is top notch
  • Fun games with strong prize winning potential


Lightning Box Games does pretty much everything right, resulting in the incredible array of slots they have on offer. Players from around the world regularly turn to Lightning Box Games for their slots session, unwittingly taking advantage of some of the leading design work the slots industry has seen so far.

With a strong focus on developing strong fundamentals through their games engine and maths, Lightning Box makes sure their games deliver – both for casinos, and for their players. But at the same time, they never lose focus of the fun and excitement that makes slots so enthralling – and their games collection is all the better for it.

While they might not be as well known as some of the larger developers, Lightning Box Games is definitely a developer that’s going places.