Dear or No Deal by Evolution Gaming is a revolutionary gaming release, which takes players to a completely new experience. The game is based on Monopoly Live / Crazy Time, while taking elements from the legendary TV Show Deal or No Deal. One of the main characteristics of the game is the inclusion of live interaction between players as well as its combination with the RNG format.

deal or no deal live

Deal or No Deal is a live casino game played against the computer, with an entirely new approach and additional excitement for regular gamblers. It requires skills and well-thought decisions, but it can provide life-altering awards. All results are determined by a computer including which box will be winning one. For detailed information about gaming rules and features, make sure to read the following guide.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal by Evolution Gaming consists of three phases. First of all, you need to qualify to enter the game. It means spinning a wheel and lining up three elements of a circle. When entering the game, you can choose to lead more money to 16 boxes and then selecting the boxes. The first two stages are directly controlled by players and their bets. The total amount of your bet will influence the amount in the boxes.

More About Playing Phases

As we already mentioned, Deal or No Deal includes three phases and details are available below:

  • Qualification Process: as part of the qualification, you need to spin the wheels and match three symbols. Before starting, you can choose one of the briefcases as a high-value box. Wheels can be set in normal, easy, or very easy mode to increase the winning chances. The initial wager correlates with the amount placed in 16 boxes. Players aim to place the highest possible bets in order to place more money in the briefcases
  • Loading the Boxes with Money: as part of this phase, players can load any of the boxes with additional cash. Just select the bet amount and prizes will be adjusted. Continue with spinning the wheel and wait for it to stop and add the value to the selected box)
  • The Main Game: as part of the last phase, players strive to win the money in the last case or take the one from the banker. Three boxes will be revealed by an assistant as well as corresponding numbers. The briefcases with the same numbers will be discarded. The dealer will make the first offer and the player can deal or no deal. The process will repeat until only two boxes remain. At that moment, the banker will make the last offer or swap the cases. Players can either accept his offer or take one of the existing boxes.


deal or no deal live boxes

If you are ready to play Deal or No Deal by Evolution Gaming, you also need to learn something about the strategy. First of all, you need to pay attention to your money and how much cash you invest in the game. The total investment should correspond to offers that you receive throughout the game. However, there is no guaranteed payout at the end of the round. The only certain payout you can obtain comes from the bankers’ offer.

It is also important to apply the following tips:

  • If the dealer’s offer amounts to 2x of your bet, you are recommended to take the offer
  • If you wait for the last box, it could be very risky
  • The process of qualification is based on luck – If you don’t qualify you will lose the bet
  • There is an opportunity to qualify by purchasing rings with better winning chances

RTP Rate, Accessibility, and Game Time

Many players are not so impressed with the RTP rate of Deal or No Deal experience. The game provides 95,42% RTP which is acceptable. Considering that some games come with bigger returns such as roulette (with 97,30%) or blackjack (with 99%), players should be attentive when choosing the Evolution title.

Regarding the accessibility of the game, players can enjoy the experience from any possible device. Just enter the game from the browser and enjoy its incredible features. It is also possible to choose between two formats either layout or landscape. 

If you are looking to win with the Deal or No Deal game, you should avoid betting for entertainment purposes. Just focus on taking the best possible offer which will cover the amount you invested in the title. As soon as you bank the amount, you can continue with the next round. The game is not rigged but the house will certainly win in a long run.

Speaking about the duration of the game, each round will take about two minutes. The qualification phase will also take two minutes which doesn’t leave you much time for loading the briefcases. The overall speed of the game is good, but the total 500x prize is too hard to achieve. 

Deal or No Deal is broadcasted from an exclusive live studio, with the support of professional dealers in different languages. It is only available in the single play mode, with the camera focus on the display.

Play Deal or No Deal Live

There are many reasons to choose Deal or No Deal experience if you are a novice gambler looking for something new. The game will probably work as the perfect acquisition tool for the provider, but it won’t keep players coming back for more.

Deal or No Deal lacks in entertainment and it is also not a perfect option for gamblers. The excitement from the famous TV show is not completely transferred in the live version of the game. That being said, all the excitement around the opening of the boxes is lost. Everything is based on pure automatism until the release of the last briefcase. That’s why you are recommended to think twice before opting for Evolution’s release.