One of the first problems casino players will encounter is how to fund their new account. Choosing a casino is one thing – while games and player experience do matter, it’s often the practical issues that can make or break your decision. Payments is a big part of that equation, and any casino you do choose needs to have convenient, flexible payment support for deposits and withdrawals to make the process as smooth as possible.

Paysafecard is one of the more popular ways of funding casino and gaming accounts, though it’s one that many players aren’t already familiar with before embarking on their online casino play. In reality, paysafecard is available for use in a wide range of payment scenarios, and works perfectly as a proxy for cash for some casino players.

About paysafecard

Paysafecard is an innovative way to pay for anything online. Similar in some respects to a prepaid debit card or voucher, it is credit bought physically for cash which is then uploaded via a voucher system. The process works like this – you head to your local corner shop or paysafecard supporting retailer and buy paysafecard vouchers over the counter. These come in set denominations, similar to mobile phone top-up vouchers. You are handed codes which represent your credit, to be input into your online casino banking account. Once you’ve inserted the unique 16-digit code, the funds should appear immediately within your account, ready to use.

Paysafecard is carried by a large number of online casinos and gaming operators, one of the preferred ways for certain types of players to move money into their casino accounts.

What is a paysafecard Casino?

A paysafecard casino is any casino that accepts deposits by paysafecard – which nowadays is most of them. Almost all of your major casino operators will be set up to take payment from paysafecard, and many will even encourage it. If you think about it, that makes sense – paysafecards don’t carry anywhere near the same fraud risk or expense for casinos as regular card payments, for example, so you tend to find casinos are quite willing for players to pay in this way.

Paysafecard casinos don’t differ otherwise from other casinos, apart from in accepting paysafecard payments. Playing with paysafecard can therefore be a good way to budget for your gambling spend, and can give you more flexibility over how you choose to play.

Advantages of paysafecard Casinos

– Completely secure: short of someone breaking into your house and stealing your paysafecards, there’s basically zero security risk here. Paysafecard does exactly what it says on the tin – you couldn’t hope for a safer payment method.

– Control spending: Because you’re playing with credits, you can choose how much you want to buy and in which denominations. This gives you a much better overview of how much you are spending, and allows you to budget more effectively.

– Widely supported:
Paysafecard is supported across a large number of casino sites online, very much one of the standard methods for depositing across the industry.

– Fast deposits:
Deposits reflect in your casino account instantly, as soon as the payment has been made.

Disadvantages of paysafecard Casinos

– No withdrawal option: Paysafecard is a deposit-only payment method, so alternative payment methods are always required for withdrawals. This can mean slightly more hassle than just using a single payment method for deposits and withdrawals, though the benefits may outweigh this downside for some players.

– Less convenient than e-wallet:
With an e-wallet, it’s all linked up to your bank account, so you can just seamlessly make a payment through the e-wallet whenever you need to. With a paysafecard, you have to physically buy the cards first, so it is slightly less convenient from this point of view. Of course there are other benefits to paysafecards that compete with convenience as an objective.

– Not universally accepted:
Not every site accepts paysafecard deposits, so be sure to check the full list of supported payment methods before committing.

Why Should You Play at Paysafecard Casinos?

It’s hard to imagine a safer way to play than with paysafecard. With absolutely no tie to your bank account or personal details, you can be certain that there is no risk of hacking or fraud – unlike with card payments, where this is always a possibility, no matter how remote. An anonymous, straightforward way to play, paysafecards are increasingly the deposit option of choice for online casinos.

Widely available from retailers and online, paysafecards are flexible enough to be used across different casino accounts. And with instant deposits and minimal fees, it’s highly convenient too.