Can You Make Money Playing Online Roulette?

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can you beat roulette

Roulette has to be among the top exciting casino games loved by punters the world over. The majority of bettors play Roulette for fun. But if we’re to be honest, making money in the process isn’t the worst idea in the world. Otherwise, players would simply stick to the demo versions of the game! Besides, the moment you start betting real money on the game, you do expect some sort of return, or at least not to lose it all, come the end of the day.

With online casino games often structured in the casino’s favour, players mostly wonder if it’s possible to make money playing online roulette or if it’s an inconceivable notion. Though winning is never guaranteed, yes, you can increase your winning chances or at least lower the house edge. You just need the right tips, strategies, and, of course, a little bit of luck on your side. Let’s explore some of these ways in detail.

Opt for European Roulette than American Roulette

european roulette wheel

Roulette comes in countless variants, with the most basic of them being the European or American roulette. Both follow the same rules and use a standard Roulette wheel. With both variants, players need to predict which pocket of the Roulette wheel the ball will land in when it stops spinning. The only major difference between the two versions is that European Roulette uses a wheel with 37 pockets, while American uses a 38 numbered wheel.

The European Roulette wheel has a single zero green pocket, and the American has an additional double zero green pocket. That basically places American Roulette wheel players at a disadvantage because the game has a higher house edge when compared to European Roulette. In other words, while European Roulette has a 2.7% house edge, the double zeros in American Roulette increase the house edge to 5.26%. Based on these facts alone, your chances of winning are more favourable with European than American Roulette. So, where possible, opt for the former.

Opt for a Live Dealer Compared to an RNG Machine

live dealer roulette

Choosing the winning variant is the first step. Next, you want to select whether to play the game in the presence of a live dealer at one of the many live casinos or against an RNG computer. The live dealer game not only has a lively dealer present, but the game is even more interactive and a tad more exciting. In this case, the professional dealer throws the ball in the Roulette wheel. On the other hand, the computerized version is exactly that—an automated game. Computers are largely responsible for spinning the ball, making the game rounds go much quicker.

As to which of the two versions you should rather opt for, we’re putting our money on the live dealer games of Roulette. Why? Live Roulette games are more authentic as you don’t leave your fate in the hands of a machine that generates numbers randomly. The skeptic gamer can even go as far as wondering if the machine isn’t rigged in the casino’s favour.  Is it tested for fairness? In our opinion, live dealer Roulette games are more trustworthy than computer-generated games.

Focus on Outside Bets

roulette outside bets

Admittedly, each player has a different gaming style which can be influenced by their skill level or even bankroll. The game of Roulette allows players to place over 20 bets, each with different payouts. However, the main bets are classified under Inside and Outside bets. Inside bets are bets you place on the inner section of the Roulette table. With Outside bets, you place your bets on the outer section of the table.

The Roulette table is structured in such a way that the chances of you landing a win with Outside bets are much higher than Inside bets. In fact, most bets you place on Outside bets, which can either be Red/Black, Odd/Even, or High/Low give you a 50/50 chance of winning. Though the probability of landing a win with Outside bets is high, the payouts are pretty low. You only get a 1:1 payout. Inside bets have lower odds but higher payouts and are therefore riskier. So, if you really want to win something, no matter how small the amount is, Outside bets are your best bet.

Use a Rational Betting Strategy

Roulette, much like any other casino game, is a game of luck. That means if ever you’re to win, it’s because the lucky stars are shining on you. Winning has little to do with the strategy you use. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a few strategies to at least try and lower the house edge and boost your gaming confidence. With a little luck, the strategy you use can even increase your winning chances. Ultimately, it’s better to play with a strategy, than none at all. The first reasonable strategy is to avoid making side bets where possible because they have a higher house edge.

You’ll find several strategies online, that show you how to win at roulette such as the Martingale and James Bond Strategy. Once you pick a strategy, try and stick to it. Changing strategies now and again is less likely to yield positive results. If anything, you’ll wind up more frustrated than ever. But above all, make sure the strategy you pick makes sense to you and resonates with your gaming style and bankroll.


Is it possible to win playing Roulette? Yes, it is, although winning isn’t a given with any casino game. Just make sure you try out our mentioned recommendations to at least give you a competitive edge against the house. Opt for European Roulette for the logical reason that it comes with a higher house edge. Rather play live dealer versions of the game as opposed to RNG games for added transparency. Stick to Outside bets, especially if you’re a novice or cautious gamer. And pick your betting strategy wisely while bearing in mind that no gambling strategy is foolproof. Above all, always practice responsible gambling and make sure you have betting limits in place at all times—and stick to them.