5 Good Luck Charms That Could Help You Win!

Gambling and superstition go hand in hand. It’s all in the element of chance, and the hope that there’s something extra you can do to get things going your way.

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Gambling and superstition go hand in hand. It’s all in the element of chance, and the hope that there’s something extra you can do to get things going your way. While some remain unconvinced, others swear by their lucky charms to bring them good fortune. And with real money on the line, surely it’s got to be worth trying anything?

There are a few good luck charms that have stood the test of time, and come to be regarded as bringing good fortune. While we can’t guarantee they’ll be lucky for you, these might just be the thing to bring you the good fortune you need to make your next win a big one.

1. Four-Leaf Clover

four leaf cover

Particularly handy if you’re eyeing up an Irish themed slot, the four-leaf clover has long been associated with good luck. This stems from the fact that most clovers in the wild have three leaves – four is the pick of the bunch, the diamond in the rough.

People have been turning to four-leaf clovers to bring them good fortune forever, and given their handy pocket-size, these are the ideal companion for your online gaming session. In most cases, players nowadays make do with decorative charms in the style of a clover, or some other depiction rather than the real thing. Either way, four leaf clovers have a long association with getting lucky.

2. Horseshoe

lucky horseshoe

Similarly, horseshoes are a traditional good luck symbol – though it would be a brave gambler to cram one of these in their pockets! Fortunately, simply having one in the house is good enough, though depending on who you ask, be sure to point the horseshoe either up or down, for best effect. The horseshoe is considered so lucky it’s often still given as a traditional wedding gift – something to bring good fortune to a newly married couple.

In practice, a lot of gamblers have horseshoe necklaces, or horseshoe patterns on their socks. Anything on or around your person will do, transmitting those good-luck vibes when you need them most. Or that’s the theory anyway. You won’t know for sure till you try it!

3. Rabbit’s Foot

rabbits foot

Amongst the most disgusting of all common good luck charms is the rabbit’s foot. Yep, that’s a real live rabbit’s actual foot. We’re not suggesting for one minute you make your own – most civilised gamblers just buy one, and many absolutely swear it brings them the luck they need to win big. Whether that’s the case or not remains the subject of debate, but if you come across one, this night be a good purchase.

The lucky rabbit’s foot dates back to 600BC, when Celtic populations in Europe popularised the legend. But beware – depending on who you believe, it needs to be a particular foot from a particular type of rabbit, captured in a particular lunar phase, to count!

4. Dice

casino dice

Dice are perhaps the very embodiment of luck and chance. The roll of the dice, the bounce of fate – it’s not too hard to join the dots. Popularised by fighter pilots during the Second World War, dice were often carried as a good luck charm, often in the face of less than favourable odds of a safe mission. These dice were slipped into pockets, in the belief they would help the pilots come through safely.

For those gambling, dice have a natural draw anyway in most cases. But a lucky set of dice could be the difference between coming out ahead and creeping home with a loss. If you’re playing online at home, keeping a couple of dice on your desk or near your gaming space means you’ll always have a lucky charm close to hand for when the time comes.

5. Lucky Underpants

lucky underpants

If all else fails, there’s always those lucky underpants. Many gamblers get superstitious about items of clothing they were wearing when they had a big win, or conversely, clothing they were wearing when they hit a spell of bad luck. These superstitions are often highly personal, and come as a result of gambling experience, usually over a number of years. Poker players in particular are big on this kind of stuff, as are high rollers, who tend to rely on tried and tested garments to get them through.

Whatever it is that does it for you, good luck charms are a perfectly accepted part of the gambling process. If you believe in this kind of stuff, good luck charms can give you the confidence to play your best game, and hopefully the run of fortune you need to walk away in the black from your gaming session.

So try them out for yourself – get your own lucky charms at the ready next time you’re getting ready for a spin or two of your favourite online slot. It might just bring you the good luck you need to strike it big.