Whether you count yourself as an Online Blackjack veteran or merely just starting out, the truth is that the overwhelming number of sites in New Zealand and huge variety of different versions available for you to play means it’s hard sometimes to pick the right site or narrow down the best NZ online blackjack sites. Fear not however, here at SmashCasinos we have done our best to break down what we think are some of the most reputable and honest sites for you to choose from – not to mention where you can score the biggest New Zealand blackjack bonuses.

Best New Zealand Online Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack Basics

From Hollywood movies to just visiting a casino, almost everyone has heard of the game and knows the basic principles. But sometimes it’s not just about what you know – but more about what you don’t – that can mean gaining an edge on the house. While we’ve created our very own how to play blackjack guide – we thought we’d include a few pointers on this page as well.

  1. Remember that the Dealer will typically have to stand on 17, so don’t be greedy and gamble when you don’t need to.
  2. If you have a pair – don’t be afraid to split. Sometimes spending a little more money by playing two hands rather than one – can be to your advantage … just don’t split 5’s as statistically the odds are heavily against you – even at the best Online Blackjack NZ sites.
  3. Never take Insurance! While this may seem like it’s there to protect you – over the course of a few dozen hands, you’re almost certainly going to find yourself with a lower chip stack than you would if you just risked it.
  4. When it comes to side bets – you can win some real money here, but only if you have a decent starting stack as these can become expensive. First you have your ‘Perfect Pairs’ which pay when you are dealt a pair. Mixed colours normally pay 5/1, Same colours normally pay 10/1 and a Perfect Pair will hand out 30/1. Secondly you have your ’21 plus 3’ side bet, where a Flush can pay 5/1, a Straight will be 10/1, three of a kind is 30/1, Straight Flush is 40/1 and Suited Trips are as high as 100/1.

Online Blackjack – When to Stick and When to Hit

Even the best online blackjack players have to learn from the ground up, so knowing what to do with your hand is always worth learning as the odds change not just by the number of decks and players in the fold, but also what you are drawn. Ignoring side bets, splitting and doubling-down, the idea of ‘hitting’ is to take another card – normally advisable when your main hand and/or any additional cards are still totalling less than 16. When you find yourself on 17 (since the Dealer would normally have to stick at this value), the idea is normally to ‘stand’ which refers to ‘standing up’ as one would do when they are finished – albeit not literally in this case. For more details visit our blackjack basic strategy page to learn when to hit or stand. For more advanced strategies, visit our blackjack card counting page.

Online Blackjack Variations

There are a multitude of different versions of blackjack online, but only a few that will ever be worth trying your hand at. However, if you do find yourself at an online casino with more than a few different variations for your to choose from and you decide to play blackjack online in New Zealand with a game that’s a little less-well known, be sure to read the rules first and see what makes it unique. Aside from the European Blackjack – here are a few of the different ones you can try from the two biggest providers.

  1. From Evolution Gaming – you can try your hand at Speed, Infinite, Live Blackjack, Power Blackjack, Freebet and Silver.
  2. From Playtech – you can have a go at Charlie 7 Blackjack, Buster, Lucky Lucky, Fortune Spinner, 3D Blackjack and even Terminator.

Where to Find the Best Online Blackjack Sites in New Zealand?

While all the sites we showcase here at SmashCasinos have been personally vetted by us, we do have a few favourites when it comes to blackjack online. Here are a few of the best casinos to try and their welcome offers:

Best Blackjack Online Casinos

Online Blackjack FAQ

Can I play Online Blackjack in New Zealand?

Yes! Sign up to our recommended NZ blackjack casinos and you could be playing in matter of minutes

Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

While the house always has the competitive edge, reputable casinos are heavily regulated to ensure they cannot manipulate the odds. They are notably more secure and safe to play at than regular casinos.

How many decks in Online Blackjack?

While different casinos use different numbers of decks, the typical number of decks is between 6-8.

What is the house edge in Online Blackjack?

The house edge can vary between 0.5% and 2% but differs when you use Blackjack basic strategy, count cards or place side bets.

Can you make money playing Blackjack Online?

The short answer is yes – while the house will maintain an advantage, Blackjack is one of the highest Return to Player Casino games in existence.

Can you count cards in Online Blackjack?

Since hands are dealt randomly and the decks are normally cut in a way where you are unable to monitor it, counting cards online is normally impossible. Live Blackjack can be easier but again is designed not to allow the player this form of edge.

Top NZ Blackjack Casinos