Ask anyone to name 5 board games, and they’ll all say Monopoly. In the world of tabletop family entertainment, they simply don’t come any bigger, with fans spanning the decades since the game was first released back in 1935. Unsurprisingly, it remains a popular choice for players online, with casino games developers quick to license Monopoly imagery to create online slots and other casino games, just like MONOPOLY Live.

monopoly live casino game

Arguably one of the most engaging versions of these real money Monopoly games is Monopoly Live, the brainchild of Evolution Gaming. Developed in partnership with game creators Hasbro, Monopoly Live is a unique iteration of the board game classic, with some big money potential for those who manage to land a lucky streak. With Evolution Gaming the world’s foremost developer of live casino games – with classics such as Crazy Time and Mega Ball – you know it’s in safe hands. But how does the game work in practice, and what can you expect if you choose to have a go at Monopoly Live?

How Monopoly Live Works

Monopoly Live is presented from a studio by one of Evolution Gaming’s professional game hosts. The game is live streamed in HD video quality for a seamless experience, and you’ll feel instantly at ease with the format and the presentation style. Evolution Gaming have perfected this mode of gaming over a number of years and it shows in the quality of the stream, the software interface, and the game dynamics.

The game structure is based on the hugely successful Dreamcatcher, where players bet on the spin of a wheel in a live gaming environment. This wheel-of-fortune style gameplay is also present in Monopoly Live, and gives structure to the action as it unfolds. The aim is to predict where the wheel is going to land and to bet on that segment accordingly. At the side of the wheel you’ll see Mr. Monopoly himself, poised and ready for action when the game demands it.

Monopoly Live Money Wheel

monopoly live wheel

The Money Wheel is a large vertical wheel, and the centrepoint of the game. This is manned by the host, who spins the wheel on each round in order to create the betting action. The wheel is divided up into segments of different values and numbers, with 1, 2, 5, 10, ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’ segments. There’s also a ‘Chance’ segment, which is the equivalent of the chance card in the standard board game version.

Players bet depending on the segment they think the wheel will land, with each number paying a corresponding return to its number – evens for number 2, 2 to 1 for number 2, and so on. Land a Chance card and you get either a multiplier bonus, or an instant cash payout.

To be in for the 3D Monopoly Bonus Round, players need to have bet on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls segments. When either of these segments comes up, the game action instantly moves to the 3D Monopoly world, and those players that bet accordingly get the chance to take part in the bonus round gameplay.

3D Monopoly Bonus Round

monopoly live bonus round 4 spins

The bonus round is a stunning 3D virtual world, based on all the common themes and styles of Monopoly. Essentially, this is a Monopoly board, taking place in a virtual world of skyscrapers and development. It’s a nice touch visually, and helps keep the action interesting as the game flips between the studio action and the 3D animation.

During the round, all players join the bonus – but only those that have bet on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls can take part. Players move around the board according to the number of rolls, past all the usual suspects like ‘Go’, ‘Free Parking’ and ‘Go To Jail’. As they move round the board, they have the chance to pick up cash prizes, multipliers and other bonuses for your game. You’ll also come across houses, hotels, Community Chest – basically all the features that are present in the original board game version.Anecdotally, a lot of players do well from this bonus round, especially when the Money Wheel lands on 4 rolls, giving four attempts at building up a bonus win.

monopoly live dice

Why Play Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a must-play game for fans of the board game. If you’ve ever enjoyed Monopoly around the kitchen table, you’ll almost certainly find something to like in this game. The main wheel action is very entertaining, not to mention the wins potential. From the outset, you’ll enjoy the flow of the game, even before the bonus round. But when the 3D Monopoly world comes, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed in the action.

Don’t forget that as a live game, Monopoly Live is actually very social. Unlike Monopoly slots or other software based games, live games include chat from the host, and players can interact while they place their bets and take part in the game. There’s a fun side to this type of gameplay that many players will find appealing, and one that slots and other types of virtual casino games will find hard to match, no matter how much they try.

Then there’s also the small matter of the potential winnings on offer. At up to 10 to 1 returns on the main wheel every spin, it doesn’t take long for lucky players to build up their streak. With the bonuses and multipliers on the game table in the bonus world, things can get even better once the game turns to this round.

Play Monopoly Live Casino Game

Evolution Gaming have done an undeniably good job with Monopoly Live, taking the board game format and adapting it to create a live experience that is second to none. With the main wheel action and the 3D bonus round marrying up perfectly, there’s a lot going on here that Monopoly fans will love.

So jump in today and give Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming a spin or two at the best online casinos.