Microgaming Slots

One of the few titans of the slot games development industry, Microgaming is part of an elite tier of developers that stand head and shoulders above the rest. An impressive list of casino partnerships and games dating right back to 1994 means Microgaming are almost untouchable, contributing some of the best known slots in the world to leading online casinos. While many others have tried to emulate their success in the years since, Microgaming remains one of the most respected names in the business.

Headquartered in the Isle of Man, Microgaming currently publishes over 850 different slot games, expanding beyond slots to cover other casino favourites and even bingo. Their casino management software means they also power a growing number of online casinos in their entirety, as well as providing access to their award winning game software.

But what is it about Microgaming slots that makes them so special? Will they always be top of their game, or are the rest gaining ground on this formidable competitor?


Software is Microgaming’s forte, and where they come into their own. Whether it’s the casino management software that powers so many of the world’s online casinos, or their huge selection of reliable, industry-renowned slots, Microgaming has long since developed its reputation for technical competence and functionality. Microgaming slots just work, without the glitches or vulnerabilities seen in other developers’ games. This is a market leading slots developer and it shows, through game software that is the benchmark for others in the industry to follow.

Because the Microgaming catalogue is so vast, and extends over at least a couple of decades, there is a huge variation in their games. Some of their earlier games are inevitably showing some signs of age, but it’s a testament to their creativity and resourcing that the software remains on-par and highly usable, even today. By the time you get to their more recent games, you can tell that the software is best in class. Full marks here for Microgaming.

Best Games

Thunderstruck II: Thunderstruck II remains one of Microgaming’s most widely played slots, some years after its release. There are some big jackpots on the table in this fantasy themed slot, which deploys a unique reel structure to give it a distinctive feel. Like so many Microgaming titles, Thunderstruck II set the bar even higher at the time of its release, and has inspired dozens of similarly themed slots tried to piggyback off its success. The original and best, Thunderstruck II is still a standout game in the Microgaming lineup.

Immortal Romance: This slot came out around the same time as the Twilight Saga film series was first breaking, bringing a similar gothic romance theme to the slots world. A major innovation when it was released, the game went on to raise the bar for the next generation of online slots to come since, and without Immortal Romance and the huge global popularity of this slot, it’s likely many others would never have been created. Still a good payer with some entertaining features, this is justifiably one of Microgaming’s best known titles.

Mega Moolah: This is an older Microgaming game now, but no top games list would be complete without it. Mega Moolah earns its place due to its huge progressive jackpot, and the number of multi-millionaires crowned by this game over the years. All it takes is a 25p spin, as some of the many winners’ stories testify. While the gameplay is showing some signs of age now, it still delivers a good fun spin, with the potential to drop a life-changing sum of money on the turn of the reel. With a reputation that precedes it, this is a must-play slot for any online casino fan, and still the jewel in the crown of the Microgaming catalogue.

Pros of Microgaming

  • One of the most widely played casino game developers
  • Genre defining games
  • Huge selection of titles
  • Large progressive jackpots

Cons of Microgaming

  • Some game graphics could do with a refresh
  • Not as feature-packed as some boutique developers

Play Microgaming Slots

Microgaming remains one of the leading names in this sector, and you don’t have to play too many of their games to figure out why. Responsible for some of the most widely played slots in history, it’s fair to assume Microgaming know a thing or two about creating casino software. This is backed up by the experience, with games that are great fun to play, offering some of the most exciting jackpots in the industry.

If there were any drawbacks, it’s perhaps in the older games, where some could clearly do with a bit of an upgrade. Yet the software still performs well on various devices, even for games that are knocking on for 20 years old. That’s an impressive feat for any developer.

As slots software goes, it’s hard to fault Microgaming, though they’re not quite flawless, despite their comparatively large size. On that basis, this feels like a 9 out of 10 for Microhaming. A level that others should aspire to, without being quite flawless.